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Joy helps to empower me to make healthy choices, feel better about myself and have meaningful relationships. She is challenging and supportive at the same time. I have grown personally with her help and expertise. (adult client)

Joy has made learning about myself fun. She always gives me suggestions to help work through my problems. She gives me positive feedback on how I have made changes in my life. (adolescent client)

I have been seeing Joy for several months. My anxiety is getting better and I feel more able to cope with life's challenges. I feel more in control of my emotions and able to relax in social situations. She has been very instrumental in my life in just a short period of time. I am very thankful for her!!  (adult client)

Joy has helped my foster mom and I work together to find solutions to our relationship. We are communicating better, I am learning to listen and trust my foster mom more. (preteen client)

My granddaughter loves to go to therapy with Joy and feels therapy helps her very much. Joy relates well to us and is available for ideas, suggestion and even recommends books that apply to our situation. (Grandmother/guardian of 10 year-old client)

Peaceful Insights
Peaceful Insights
Peaceful Insights
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